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“I was treated with respect and compassion. The stress that I was under, was completely gone.” – Joseph C.

“Francisco Suarez is an amazing Lawyer. He is very professional and He works very hard for His clients. I had a 7 year old warrant for driving with a Suspended licence and He went to court for me and He got it Quashed. If you ever need the assistance of an experienced Lawyer don’t doubt on hiring Francisco Suarez.” – Sandra J.

“Francisco has now helped me on two cases, this latest being a DWI. He was very calm and professional and helped me manage my anxiety. His knowledge and work ethic in both instances helped me to get a much better result than I thought possible. If you are thinking about tackling a serious legal problem alone don’t do it. When DAs see you have strong legal representation, the severity of penalties dramatically shrink.” – Thomas W.

“I had a DMV/DL problem and I met with two other lawyers who said they could not help me. I then went to the law office of Francisco Suarez. He took time to review my DMV problem and said I absolutely had a case! He did an excellent job and everything went my way at the Pomona Court. I was impressed that he is well known by other attorneys and the staff who work there. Thank you Mr. Suarez!” – Gil P.

“Excellent service one of the best honest friendly and affordable.” – GavioTa R.